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Jaminla Oma


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My Story

In her early years, Mila lived in Vietnam, where she was introduced to the fabric trading industry in Cambodia and Thailand, and to the southern region of Vietnam. She is fluent in the ancient language of Cham, a Malayo-Polynesian language of the Austronesian family of the Champa Kingdom in Asia, or now modern-day Vietnam.  For 11 years, Mila worked as a Production Manager for a manufacturing company that specialized in Iodine where her passion for learning grew in the field of alternative healing and Kinesiology.

Originally born and raised in Fullerton, Mila is a proud mother of 3 boys with a passion for life and inner growth. Her boys are her inspiration to keep having a positive attitude in life. In her spare time, Mila loves craft making and spending quality time with her family. At the moment, she is still pursuing her degree in Finance at National University San Diego.

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